Jordan Inglee Photography 2020

Technique: Long Exposure

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A moon-lit selfie on the Oregon Coast.

The Lunar Lagoon

A moon-lit selfie on the Oregon Coast.

A photograph of waves and rocks in Oregon.

Sauron’s Light

Yaquina Head Lighthouse blasting fire over off the coast of Oregon.

A photograph of a leaves floating down river in Oregon.

Chasing Autumn

Maple leaves drift down the creek, while afternoon light breaks through the trees in Oregon in Autumn.

A photograph of a water fall in Oregon.

The Devil’s Creek

The twisting rock features of Devil's Creek in the Central Oregon Range.

A photograph of lush ferns around Cataract Falls in California.

Cataract Ferns

Nice morning light at Cataract Falls in Mount Tamalpais State Park.

A photograph of the Milky Way over Mount St. Helens in Washington.

Interstellar Explosion

With destruction comes life. Milkyway over Mount St. Hellens, Washington.

A long exposure photograph of large seastacks off the Oregon Coast.

Isle of Dragons

Dragons thrive in this long exposure scene from Seal Rock, Oregon.

A photograph of a snow covered waterfall in Washington.

Frozen in Time

Snow blankets one of the many waterfalls of The Gifford-Pinchot National Forest in Washington.

A photograph of waves crashing during susnet in Oregon.

Autumn Seas

Great water textures during sunset in Ecola State Park, Oregon.

A photo of a foggy coastal scene in Oregon.

The Floating Isles of Thunder Rock

Dense coastal fog engulfs the rocky coastline of Samuel H. Boardman State Park in Oregon.

A photograph of Abiqua Falls in Oregon.


A foggy morning at Abiqua Falls in Central Oregon.

Long expsoure water textures off the coast of Oregon.


Long expsoure water textures off the coast of Oregon.

Unique green foliage surrounds a waterfall in this photo of Middle McCould Falls.

The Curtain Falls

A curtain of water drops around interesting foliage, as mist fills the air. Middle McCloud Falls, California.

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