Chasing Autumn

A photograph of a leaves floating down river in Oregon.

The scene was splendid, watching the leaves peacefully chase each other down the creek, as the glow of afternoon light broke through the trees. 

The Devil’s Creek

A photograph of a water fall in Oregon.

The snaking cascades of Devil’s Creek falls near Detroit, OR were mesmerizing on this mid morning summer day. I was attracted to the unique textures of the rocks and how greens and warm browns complimented each other.  It was a great morning, and I really just enjoyed watching the dappled light come in and out […]


A photograph of Ape Caves in Washington State.

Long, long, long the trail Through the brooding forest-gloom, Down the shadowy, lonely vale Into silence, like a room – Henry Van Dyk

Sebastians Protectors

A photograph of gnarly trees and a foggy forest in Oregon.

Gentle giants stand tall along the ridges of Cape Sebastian, reaching high into the clouds like a ladder to another world.  I love the atmosphere and textures of this scene, where the fog creates plenty of depth against the gnarled limbs of the trees.  This image was captured while on a workshop with Nick Page […]

Canyon Walls

Canyon Walls by Jordan Inglee 1 » Fine Art Print

The glowing slot canyons of Kanarra Canyon lit up on this August afternoon with my buddy Gio Rizzo. After dealing with the hordes of people at the falls, I quickly turned back and spent some quality time with the textures and light on these walls as soon as I could. After living in the Pacific […]

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