The Lunar Lagoon

A moon-lit selfie on the Oregon Coast.

On a much needed Oregon Coast run at the end of summer, we were dealt some lemons but made sure to make that lemonade! I knew the moon was going to effectively wipe out the Milky Way on the couple nights we were out but as twilight came and the moon casted its light, I […]

Fire and Ice

Insane reflections on this evening capturing this 9 shot Pano of Portland, OR.

This high resolution panorama was captured not long after sunset in Portland, Oregon, with the warm city glow creating an air of fire and ice. I was drawn to the reflecting light on the Willamette River which complimented the energetic skies above.

The Dream

Naples Pier at Sunset.

The warm waters of the Gulf Coast melt away into The Dream, where time stands still and there is only now.  I captured this using a 10 stop ND filter to accentuate that airy feeling with the added benefit of blurring out any other humans enjoying this fine sunset at Naples Pier

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