The Ghost of Iredale

The reminants of the Peter Iredale Shipwreck under the Milky Way.

The tide was coming in on this July evening, slowly over taking the remnant of the Peter Iredale Shipwreck on the Oregon Coast. The light source from off frame right was from another photographer who hadn’t actually asked it was ok to the other photogs there. Ironically, his images must have looked quite horrid from […]

Ghost Ship

A photograph of Peter Iredale Shipwreck at night in Oregon.

Probably my favorite image of 2019, Ghost Ship was a chance moment that I probably couldn’t do again if I tried.   I had been out shooting Milky Way around the Peter Iredale Wreckage, slowly being pushed back by the incoming tide,  when a misty haze began to fill the air and bring a lot of […]

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