The Inchworm

2019 8 27 Inchworm Arch MW V1 2160 » Fine Art Print

After driving for miles through deep sand, we began the trek down into the canyon to find this magical and downright mind bending scene, where the rocks have eroded in such a way that nature imitates itself, like shadow puppets projected on the earth’s wall. Two lights were implemented in this image to create texture […]

Ancestral Way

2019 8 24 Bristelcone Slanted Tree V2 2160 » Fine Art Print

The wild and gnarled trees of the Bristelcone Pine Forest have spent thousands of nights like this in the high elevation of the White Mountains, watching the Milky Way rise and fall.   We mere humans were there for but an evening, to get just a taste of that magic, bottling it up like sacred spring […]

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