Sauron’s Light

A photograph of waves and rocks in Oregon.

Intense skies fueled by the last bits of burning light mimic a firestorm that only Sauron’s Eye could emit. Combined with the cooler foreground that snakes it’s way to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, it’s hard not to be drawn into this image. Captured south of the lighthouse near Newport, Oregon a favorite central coast location […]

Abiqua Creek

A photograph of a serene creek in Oregon.

I fell in love with this scene looking up Abiqua Creek which is typically ignored as there is a massive waterfall behind you if you choose to make this image.  But the calm and stillness of the creek, combined with the unique volcanic textures of the rocks and lush forest light really called to me. 

Frozen in Time

A photograph of a snow covered waterfall in Washington.

A magical snow capped scene in the depths of The Giff, this image was made during an early spring snowfall prior to the COVID-19 lock down, and feels like a moment frozen in time.  As my buddy John Perach and I made it up the creek, the muffled sound of snowfall was drown out by […]

Evening at Takhlakh

A photograph of Mount Adams in Washington.

A bit of light hits Mount Adams, before being completely engulfed by clouds, while the serene Takhlakh Lake reflects it all back.  A great example of off canvas light and how it helps tell a story by not including the light source.  I tried to balance this further by including the tree stump and setting […]

Rust Millennia

A telephoto image of colorful badlands in Death Valley National Park.

The rusty and oxidized tones of the badlands of Zabriskie Point, forming over millennia, can glow under certain conditions like the pre-dawn light of sunrise. As the sun begins to reflect off the atmosphere from below the horizon, it can project diffuse light onto the landscape before the sun can wash it out. This is a […]

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