Jurrasic Park

An aerial photograph of Kauai, Hawaii and the NaPali Coastline.

Soaring above the NaPali Coast, the Opening Act plays out and the magnificent tropical paradise of Kauai is revealed. I shot this on a doors off helicopter tour with Jack Harter Helicopters (https://www.helicopters-kauai.com/) Using a 24-70 with a pretty fast shutter speed, I was able to capture a sharp image while keeping the rotors of […]

Roll Credits

An aerial photograph of Kauai, Hawaii and some waterfalls.

The adventure begins, soaring high above Kauai, Hawaii. Thousands of waterfalls teaming over the lush and jagged pinnacles of the NaPali Coast, inaccessible to man.   Can you hear the sounds of timpani rumbling and the cymbals crashing?


A photo of a large wave in Kauai.

Morning light breaks through the trees, illuminating the spray of a large curl off the coast of Kauai back in January of 2019. It was really enjoyable to sit and watch these waves barrel in and crush everything in their path.  For an idea of scale, the rocks in the lower part of the frame […]

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