Heartlike textures of Antelope Canyon Arizona.

Intimate heart like textures of Antelope Canyon Arizona

Morning at Wailua Falls

A photograph of a waterfall in Kauai, Hawaii.

After a sketch hike down to the bottom, Nick and I were met with a soft morning light that eventually filled the canyon and a spectacular waterfall to boot.


A photograph of a purple flowers at sunset.

A beautiful blooming bush contrasts the dark sands of the southern Oregon coast.  I loved the tonal contract of those purples and greens against the warm sunset light.  It look 10 shots to full focus stack this image, and bring out all the details of the flowers, but it was worth the effort!  I captured […]

The Myth

2019 8 29 Kanarra Falls V1 2160 » Fine Art Print

I’ve been drawn to this scene since first seeing it online and have always wanted to capture it to add it to my portfolio. There’s just something so magical about this location, the cool waters cascading through the deep red and orange sandstone of the slot canyon.  There was some sort of “myth” to this place for me, some sort of grandeur that created an idea of what this it was really like.

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