A photograph of rock stacks in Oregon.

When the wet sand reflects, you can peer into another dimension, a parallel reality.  The duality is a great compositional tool, so it’s important to give it space to breath and be dominant in an image like this.   This is actually an alternate angle of a popular feature called the Wizard’s Hat off the coast […]

The Tree

A photograph of a japanese maple in Autumn.

There’s something compelling about the particular shape of this Japanese Maple. Each offshoot of the trunk, telling a different story, reaching in all directions so as to pull you in deeper and closer. And as the leaves turn to their autumn golds and fall oranges, they contrast against the bed of mossy greens, you are […]

The Legend of Matterhorn Rock

matterhorn rock big sur 2019 » Fine Art Print

It was super satisfying to capture this unique sea stack just as the sun broke through the storm clouds and and made this whole scene explode. This seldom shot feature was hard to find and included a bit of sketchy maneuvering to create separation in the image without getting swallowed up by the incoming tide […]

Jonsrud Burn

2019 9 22 Jonsrud Burn V1 2160 » Fine Art Print

Nothing like a split second decision to “punt it” and head up to the well known Jonsrud Point to catch some of the most intense burning skies I’ve ever experienced. What began as a tinge of pink transformed into a tumbling cauldron of reds and oranges, and as the the sun rose a final splash […]

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