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'Howling Dog’s Throne'

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A photograph of sea stacks at sunset on the Oregon Coast.
A photograph of Bandon, OR at sunset on the Oregon Coast.

'Howling Dog’s Throne'

Raised high up in the mountains, Ewauna and Komax were inseparable as they explored and hunted in the vast wilderness of their home. It was no surprise Komax came along on Ewauna’s great journey to visit the coastal tribes, where he was amazed by all the sounds and smells they encountered on their way.

As they arrived a grand celebration was thrown, and Komax was spoiled by all the wonderful foods he’d procured from around the great feast, going table to table yet never taking his eye off his friend, Ewauna.

As the festivities died down and the camp began to sleep, Ewauna grabbed her basket of kittens and called after Komax to follow her down to the beach, where they ran and played under the full moon’s light in a small cove by the water.

But Komax grew concerned as she became entranced by Wecoma, the sea. Dropping the basket of kittens, Ewauna entered the water and began play and splash, drifting further and further from shore. A thick fog began to form, swallowing the moon in darkness, and Komax, sensing nefarious energy, swam and barked after his master, trying to break the trance Wecoma had on her.

As Komax approached, a mysterious figure broke through the fog and grabbed Ewauna to pull her under the water. It was the Dark Spirit, Seatka, and just as he began to steal her gaze to put her under his spell, Komax sunk his teeth deep into his arm.

Full of rage, Seatka tossed Komax far down the coastline but not without giving Ewauna a moment to turn away before he could use his power and pull her to the depths of the sea.

Now, Komax sits on his throne, howling to the moon as he waits for his master to rise while she looks skyward in the far distance, refusing the gaze of the Dark Spirit for eternity.

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November 1, 2021

10% of the proceeds of this sale will be donated to the Potlatch Fund, a Native-led nonprofit organization that provides grants and leadership development to Tribal Nations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Logo for Potlach Fund Non Profit.


Don’t be a dick – follow the Leave No Trace and Nature First principles whenever you’re out in nature, making photos or not.

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All three images of the series were made on the same night, and will forever be one of my most memorable displays of Nature’s extraordinary beauty. It was amazing how long the sunset lasted that evening, easily four hours of the most spectacular light I’ve ever seen. Never before (or after) have I experienced such synchronicity of light, tides, and atmosphere at this location, and I’ve visited many times since.

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