Jordan Inglee Photography 2020

'Dark Spirit'

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A photograph of susnet in Badon, Oregon.
Seatka, the Dark Spirit, lurks in the shadows of Bandon, Oregon.

Seatka, the Dark Spirit of the sea, was feared and respected by all the Nah-So-Mah tribes and took many forms while lurking the coast of old Wecoma, the sea.

The loneliness of eternity fed Seatka’s need to capture those unfortunate enough to fall into his trap. Using his connection with Wecoma to calm her waters so he could draw people away from shore, he would then use his dangerous gaze to pull them into the depths of his lair, where they would meet the same fate as his own.

The Chinook Moon was a particularly favorite time to hunt, as tribes came to celebrate from all across the land, many of whom did not know the true danger that Seatka presented.

On this particular night, sounds of laughter were heard coming from a cove known for its especially beautiful waters. There, Seatka found Princess Ewauna playing, fully entranced by Wecoma and unaware of how far she was drifting away.

Seatka swirled up a thick fog, blocking out the full moon’s light and engulfed Ewauna in darkness. But Komax, who had been watching the scene unfold from shore, had other plans for Seatka and his master Ewauna.

Continued in Genesis | Part Three – ‘The Howling Dog’s Throne’

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December 1, 2020

10% of the proceeds of this sale will be donated to the Potlatch Fund, a Native-led nonprofit organization that provides grants and leadership development to Tribal Nations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Logo for Potlach Fund Non Profit.


Don’t be a dick – follow the Leave No Trace and Nature First principles whenever you’re out in nature, making photos or not.

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Shot two hours after sunset, this interesting rock feature caught my eye while heading for the car and I was immediately reminded of some dark rock spirit lurking in the shadows – fitting for our villainous protagonist Seatka from the indigenous lore of Face Rock. I was glad to have stopped and pulled my camera out as this is one of my most favorite images – a testament to never walking away from sunset until you know it’s over.

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