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From raging torrents to delicate flows, waterfalls are exciting and magical subjects to capture and by far one of my deepest collections of images.

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January 13, 2020

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A photograph of a waterfall in Watkins Glen, New York.

Hook and Ladder

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With nineteen waterfalls over the course of 3 miles, Watkins Glen State Park was a special treat to visit while out working in New York in the Summer of 2018.  I was happy I made…
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I’ve been a chaser of waterfalls since I was a kid growing up in Upstate New York.  Living in the Pacific Northwest is almost like Disney Land, with hundreds of drops only a few hours from Portland.  What I particularly enjoy about shooting waterfalls is how much effect shutter speeds can have on the emotion a photo can illicit. Slow speeds for a milky timeless vibe, or faster speeds to freeze the action and create a sense of energy. Below are some of my favorite Waterfall scenes captured over the years, with some short descriptions.


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