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Seascape Photography

Every frame unique and conditions always in flux, some really magical scenes can happen capturing the sea. I’m most grounded when I’m near the ocean, and feeling the raw power and beauty of the sea.

Seascape Photography

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Interesting waves formations at Sharkfin Cove, California. February 2019

The Equestrian

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The Equestrian is born from the powerful rage of a winter storm, riding the backs of waves for a split second before returning to the sea. The sea can take so many forms and shapes,…
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Seascapes are my Jam.

Every frame is unique and the conditions are always in flux. Some special moments can happen when shooting the sea. Compared to other types of landscape photography, seascapes make me feel the most grounded and connected, as I am drawn to the endless compositions of water in motion while experiencing the raw power and beauty of the sea.

Living in Oregon the last 12 years has afforded me the luxury of having one of the most diverse and intense coast lines to explore and photograph and has played a major role in my development as a photographer (as exemplified by the depth of my Seascape Portfolio)

So grab a coffee and come along for a little ride through my favorite type of photography, The Seascape.

These two Seascapes are two of my favorite from the Oregon Coast, both captured in October, arguably the best month to shoot due to the conditions and easy on the sunrise hotel lobby calls. 

The first image is of Howling Dog (often mistaken as Wizards Hat) in Bandon, Oregon.  This particular evening we were treated to one of Mother Natures “Big Shows”, her version of the iPhone release. Swirly clouds transformed the light into so many pallets of color, and just kept burning for hours after the sun fell behind the horizon.  There were tons of great images made that night and will forever be one for the books.

This image shot at a medium focal length (50mm) really compresses the seastacks and fills the frame, while creating depth from front to back.

Another from the Southern Oregon Coast and Pistol River.  We arrived as the tide was coming in so we kept getting pushed ashore, but I was stuck on one of my favorite comps, the “Plop a Rock in the Foreground”. As the waves kept rising, I dug in and kept shooting as the motion of the water around the rock was getting better and better.  Alas, not long after this shot, the clouds socked us in and there wasn’t much color to be had.

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This “Pano” was captured on a groggy morning with a couple of buds I made on Nick Page workshops who both live in the bay area. Soon after this image, I got schooled on in city drone flight just days after getting a Mavic Pro 2. Derp. This was the extent of the color we got, but I really enjoyed the contrast of the bridge still lit against the lavender hues of the sunrise.

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The Marin Headlands, what can I say?  To have lived here in the 60s must have been something else.  The landscape is surprisingly rugged, just miles outside of downtown San Francisco. And the weather, when it hits…  it’s just pure insanity!

Before I shot this 5-shot panorama, I spent the day earlier chasing fog up around Mount Tamalpais and exploring the Doctor Seuss like hillsides in awe. Of course, I ended up literally sprinting to this point to catch the last bit of light on the horizon, as it disappeared only minutes later and the notorious marine layer arrived.  

Thanks for checking out my Seascape Portfolio!
I truly love exploring the coast and I hope you can see why; Seascapes are a diverse and exciting type of photography with endless opportunities for unique and dynamic images!  You can view my larger gallery of work below and find links to purchase fine art prints!
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