Jordan Inglee Photography 2020


Browse currated galleries of images with stories and insights behind the collection.

Genesis | The Story of Face Rock

Ewauna’s choice to dance and swim in the waters and not heed the warnings of the local tribes, left her trapped as stone, looking away from the gaze of Seatka.


Personal Favorites

Browse my personal favorite images from over the years that hold a special place in my heart and keep me coming back for more.

'The Tree'

Seascape Photography

Every frame unique and conditions always in flux, some really magical scenes can happen capturing the sea. I’m most grounded when I’m near the ocean, and feeling the raw power and beauty of the sea.

'The Dog's Throne - Bandon (OR)'

Nightscape Photography

Nightscapes let us peer into shadows and connect our earthly existence to stars above; a glimpse into the cosmos where the human eye can’t see.

'The Inchworm'


Explore the world from new perspectives, where multiple images are combined to extend the capabilities of the camera system.

'Fine Art Print - 3x1 Large Format Panorama (60")'

Small Scenes

Intimate and subtle, these scenes showcase the more sensual side of Mother Earth and the beauty to be found when you slow down to appreciate the smaller things around you.

'Autumn Reflection'


Natural depth and mood comes from the play of atmosphere and light, where fog and clouds adds dimension to the world around us.

'The Floating Isles of Thunder Rock'

The Mountain

Big ‘ol mounds of rock where light can sing sweet lullabies or howl a thunderous growl, these images pay tribute to the mighty mountain and the life it provides.

'Evening at Takhlakh'

The Forest

Come explore the world of fairies and ferns, where ancient trees and mushrooms thrive. Challenging and rewarding, I love getting lost in the forest and finding beauty in the chaos.

'Sebastian's Protectors'

Water in Motion

One of the more addicting subjects to capture; covering everything from waves and waterfalls to small and abstract scenes, showing the power and grace of matter in liquid form.


Sunsets & Sunrises

Browse some of my favorite scenes of the “Big Show” where Mother Earth lays it down twice daily for use all to see.

'Vista Dreams'

The Desert

More than just rock and sand; this arid ecosystem offers diverse and rewarding images if you take the time to explore.

'A Mesquite Morning'


Melding man made wonders of architecture and the natural beauty of the earth, cityscapes capture the way we integrate with our surroundings.

'The Emerald City'


From raging torrents to delicate flows, waterfalls are exciting and magical subjects to capture and by far one of my deepest collections of images.


Landscape Photography

Big expansive landscape scenes are what started it all for me, capturing the grand beauty of Mother Earth one frame at a time to be appreciated and conserved.


Abstract Photography

Mind bending and obscure, abstracts are created from the disassociation of the image and it’s original subject.

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