Jordan Inglee Photography 2020


Browse my most favorite and featured collections, and get an idea of what my most passionate topics are.

Genesis | The Story of Face Rock

Ewauna’s choice to dance and swim in the waters and not heed the warnings of the local tribes, left her trapped as stone, looking away from the gaze of Seatka.


The Forest

Come explore the world of fairies and ferns, where ancient trees and mushrooms thrive. Challenging and rewarding, I love getting lost in the forest and finding beauty in the chaos.

'Sebastian's Protectors'


From raging torrents to delicate flows, waterfalls are exciting and magical subjects to capture and by far one of my deepest collections of images.


Seascape Photography

Every frame unique and conditions always in flux, some really magical scenes can happen capturing the sea. I’m most grounded when I’m near the ocean, and feeling the raw power and beauty of the sea.

'The Dog's Throne - Bandon (OR)'

Personal Favorites

Browse my personal favorite images from over the years that hold a special place in my heart and keep me coming back for more.

'The Tree'

Nightscape Photography

Nightscapes let us peer into shadows and connect our earthly existence to stars above; a glimpse into the cosmos where the human eye can’t see.

'The Inchworm'
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