Hi! I'm Jordan.

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Hi! I’m Jordan Inglee, photographer, filmmaker and live video engineer based in Portland, Oregon. 

For the better part of a decade, I’ve been exploring the wild beauty of nature through landscape and nature photography and creating images that bend the mind and touch the soul!

This website has been a multi-year project that I’ve built from the ground up and will be a personal platform for writing blogs, archiving and distributing my photography, and selling fine art prints of my work.

Enjoy your time here and let me know what you think!  If you have any questions, need help, or find an issues shoot me an email


WEBSITE UPDATES coming 9/1! Stay Tuned!

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Learn Photoshop on a One-to-One Zoom session
Learn Photoshop on a One-to-One Zoom Session

Zoom Sessions

Learn Photoshop on a One-to-One Zoom session
Learn Photoshop on a One-to-One Zoom Session

Want to become a better photographer?  Let me help you!

I’ll be offering FREE Hour Zoom/Skype post processing sessions through 2020 where we can cover topics such as:

  • Post-Processing Techniques
  • Image Critiques
  • Photo & Video Software Training
  • Video Editing & Audio Mixing
  • Live Broadcasting and Streaming
  • Equipment Maintenance and more…

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Limited Edition
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My Art. Your Walls.

Website Information

Website Information

This website has been a multi year project that I built from the ground up as a way to self publish my content.

I’m working on this solo and have laundry list of things to clean up not to mention develop for future releases of the site.

If you find an issue or have any questions, feel free to email me anytime!

My Art.

Photography as always been a means of artistic expression for me, and for the last 10 or so years as been my primary source of creative output. 

But looking back through all of the artistic outlets I’ve had, 

Photography is about what the artists sees, and how they see it.


Photography is one of the the only mediums that you can control time and space with wizardly precision, and bottle it up to be manipulated at a later time. 

I love diving deep into the tech and processes that allow capturing it in ways only the mind could imagine, pushing camera technology to it’s limits.

Strong compositional elements are what I’m drawn to most, where the challenge of creating visual harmony from an otherwise chaotic scene creates more meaningful images. My creativity thrives in these times of pressure and problem solving, and allows me to find a meditative space to connect with nature. 

Seascapes and Water in general are by far my favorite topics to capture.  I’ve always been drawn to the sea and I feel most at home scrambling around rocky coastline getting my boots wet.  Every frame is unique shooting the water, be it big swells or reflections on the sand, so you’re free to explore beyond the obvious (which is always my goal)

As with any other method of communication, photography needs an audience to play the important role of experiencing the photograph. Like the addage goes “If a tree falls in the woods…”  – a photograph needs to be seen, to be heard. 

I feel this is a vital part of the equation most photographers neglect; their intended audience and how to communicate an idea to them, even if the audience is the artist themselves.


 I’m always on the hunt for a compelling image, and have no qualms using physical and digital tools to currate an image in my own eye and perspective.

My love of the extremes have permeatted all of my photography over the years, as I love bending the viewers perception of reality by going ultra wide or ultra telephoto. 





In addition to media production and graphics, I took music courses while getting experience interning at a local news station and recording studio. Then in my junior year, I started a Student Body TV station and Video Production team with some friends, and pretty much sealed the deal for me on my love of live events and vide



For more the better part of a decade, I have been exploring the wild beauty of our planet through photography.




Cultivating art through education is important in a world that takes more than it gives. 

Since teaching private music lessons years ago and education has alwasy been some of the most rewarding times in my life.

 is one of the most direct ways we can give back in a world that takes more than it gives. 

I cherish all the opportunities I’ve had to teach and collaborate with other passionate artists over the years, and I hope that my passion is contagious, inspiring people to make more art and express themselves with photography. The world needs that right n


Art implies control of reality, for reality itself possesses no sense of the aesthetic. Photography becomes art when certain controls are applied. 


Visual Suplex Media & Design

Visual Suplex Media & Design is the name of my actual business entity which has primarily been about live events pre COVID-19.

My main expertise is “video engineering” which is somewhat broad but involves designing, implementing, and operating video equipment that distributes live video to destinations like large LED walls, projection screens, and live broadcasts.

I’ve also worked quite extensively as a technical director, “calling” live shows and being responsible for what is on air or not, as well as many other video roles over the years.

In order to make my way to these sorts of roles in production, I’ve spent my time learning and working in lower capacities like camera operation, LED tech, A/V tech really learning  the technical aspects of my job.  It took some time to get to this level, but by working in other roles like camera operator or A/V Tech, I’ve been able to be solid, dependable crew member.



Check out my Live Event Collections to see some of my concert and event photography.

To find out more about Visual Suplex, my Resume and my services, Click Here. 

Working a corporate event as Video Director
In the pit shooting a concert

My Story

A not so brief history about my beginnings in photography and working professionally in live events.

Dream Big and Explore

The beginnings

Born and raised in upstate New York in the 1980’s, my parents embraced technology in our home early on in my childhood and planted the seeds for my love of working with computers and cameras later in life.

Taking selfies with before it was a thing!

I have fond memories of going to “Computer Shows” with my Mom where we would thumb through floppy disks in search of new games to play, arguing over who had first dibs when we got home.

When I was a teenager, a family friend helped me build my first computer and installed a copy of Photoshop 5 on it (circa 1998). I had never seen anything like that before and once he showed me how it worked, I was immediately hooked. 

Computers were an escape from the small town I grew up in and were a way for me to dream big and explore the world with just a keyboard and mouse.  

Taking selfies with before it was a thing
Yup. Tie die and Brikenstocks. circa 2007

Finding My Way

When it came time for college, I knew I wanted to go for something that included computers and decided to major in Media Production at the University at Buffalo, a large state university in Western New York.

Yup. Tie die and Brikenstocks circa 2007

College opened up many avenues for me and expanded my world beyond the rural one I was raised. Media Production allowed me to study video, sound design and 2D/3D animation, and gave me access to the equipment and resources to learn other formats of media.

Live Video Production quickly became my focus and a couple of friends and I started a Video Production Crew for our Student Association, filming  events and concerts meant for our campus TV Station.

This led to me interning at a Local News Station and where I gained experience creating on screen graphics and working as a camera operator. I also worked as an assistant recording engineer for a twelve episode show about Music and Art that sparked my love of recording live music.

The Center Of My Universe

I didn’t study music seriously until college and it quickly became the center of my universe. I took every music course available to me and was playing as much as I could. I was going to live shows and concerts often as well, and began paying more attention to the production behind it all. 

Getting down and letting it all hang out

I was in awe of how a crew could combine their expertise in sound, lighting, and video to support the performance and create a memorable live experience.  I often dreamed of how I could one day work on those same stages and be a part of making something like that happen myself.

After school, I followed my family out to Oregon in 2007 and found a job working at a local music store selling gear and teaching private music lessons. I had a niche teaching people how to express themselves with song writing and made it fun for people along the way.

I was also gigging around town and trying to “Make it Big” with an original music project. It was a fun ride but making a living playing and teaching wasn’t cutting it so I began putting my experience with media production to use with bands and venues I met along the way.

Getting down and letting it all hang out
Shooting photos from the pit - Crystal Ballroom

Working Stages I'd Never Play

I had always been envious of “professional” concert photographers. They would stroll in right before the band started and were out the door and editing photos before the band could say “Good Night Portland!”

I on the other hand, would be lugging tons of gear hours before the show and spend even more time on a video edit only to have the drummer quit the band and the video never been seen.

Shooting photos from the pit - Crystal Ballroom

This was about the time I invested into my first full frame camera and set out to become an actual “photographer”. I spent the next few years mastering my camera and learning how to shoot under different lighting conditions, while networking and growing my client base.

The work paid off and I started working for a few online publications covering events up and down the West Coast. As I continued to grow my skill with the camera and I began to shoot other genres of photography like real estate, weddings, corporate events, and eventually landscape.

I wasn’t playing music much anymore but it was still very much part of my life through photography. It took me to festivals and stages I would have never played and I was okay with that as my love and passion for photography began to explode.

From Uncut to Clean Cut

I was always looking for the next step in my career and I landed a job at a large events facility in Portland, gaining experience as a director, video engineer, and camera operator.

Directing a tech confrence - I clean up nice.

This new path in corporate production was a turning point for me where I was able to grow in a new field that opened up opportunities live music wasn’t offering.

Over the next few years, I worked hard to establish myself as a sought after freelance video engineer and built relationships with other production companies that took me all over North American working higher profile shows for clients like Nike and Adidas.

It wasn’t long before I was offered my first big tour and found myself at a crossroads. Do I stay with a semi stable job or quit and jump into freelancing full time to push my career into a whole new arena?

Directing a tech confrence - I clean up nice.
Climbing a big 'ol LED wall

Just Say Yes...

My willingness to say yes to everything kept me quite busy from that point on and before long I was flying a hundred flights a year working music festivals like Bonnaroo and hanging off massive LED Video walls at major sporting events.

Climbing a big 'ol LED wall

As the shows got bigger and more technical, I kept up with my education and certifications in my field while working alongside some of the best in the biz to become be the best engineer I could be.

These successes came with plenty of struggles though. Traveling and touring was increasingly taking it’s toll on me and my relationships with others. Not to mention, I was quickly becoming tired of random ugly hotel carpets and forgetting what city I was in.

Something had to give and and I needed an outlet to keep me grounded and centered so I could continue to work at the top of my game while  over extending myself – enter Stage Left – Landscape Photography.

Photographic Therapy

Back as far as I can remember, I’ve been into taking photos of nature and trying to encapsulate how I saw the world into an image. This was pervasive through childhood, college and my concert photography years. I just never had the tools or know how to express myself the way I wanted though.

Please sit and tell me what's on your mind - Alabama Hills, CA

In 2015 after just starting my Instagram account, I came upon the work of a photographer by the name of Gabe Rodriguez. He had this dreamy and magical style that I was always going for and I asked how make that sort of imagery.

He pointed me in the direction of Ryan Dyar and Sean Bagshaw whose tutorials finally gave me the skills to produce the images I saw in my mind. I dove in head first and began my journey into post-processing and soaking up everything I could around photography.

What I didn’t know was that photography was becoming a major therapeutic outlet and allowed me to explore places with a childlike freedom, where I could be creative and expressive and ground myself amidst all the chaotic traveling and touring.

Please sit and tell me what's on your mind - Alabama Hills, CA
Photographers on the Oregon Coast
Shooting with my heroes on the Oregon Coast

Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming.

After that – Landscape Photography took me over and I barely saw it coming! When I wasn’t working live events, I was out shooting, doing tutorials, processing photos, checking conditions, drooling over gear, cleaning lenses, anything to do with photography – I was doing.

I also began reaching out directly to photographers I admired on Social Media and found that we are all stuck in the same algorithm, putting our pants on one leg at a time collectively, as we navigate the pros and cons of social media.

Photographers on the Oregon Coast
Shooting with my heroes on the Oregon Coast

This led to taking my first workshop with Nick Page and I experienced first hand how meaningful an experience that can be growing lasting relationships and spending extended time with other passionate photographers.

Amazingly, Nick connected me with Chris Smith from Out of Chicago and I was able to bring my experience in corporate live events to a photography conference on the Oregon Coast in 2019 and blended my two worlds while shooting along side some of my heroes in the process.

What's Next?

As we stand in 2020, my career in the live event industry is uncertain, as COVID-19 has basically decimated it. I really don’t know what my future holds but I will adapt and will continue to stay relevant as best I can. 

Let's do this - Photo Cred Josh Paris

Photography has been such a positive and grounding force in my life and I think it can be  the same for other people as well, especially in the current state of the world. So for now, I think I can do more good in the world sharing my passion for photography and teaching people how to express themselves with a camera.  

This website has been a major step in that direction and it‘s been exciting to finally make it public and get to work on creating more educational content, and producing fine art prints.

Not sure what the destination will be but the journey will most definitely be worth it. Come along and see for yourself! It will be a blast!


WEBSITE UPDATES coming 9/1! Stay Tuned!

Let's do this - Photo Cred Josh Paris

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