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The Genesis Series

Date Released: December 7th, 2021
Series Status: Closed

The Genesis Series was made during a pivotal year in my photography journey in Autumn of 2018, where I found my true “why” in photography – experience the wild beauty of nature and show the world through my eyes.

The term “Genesis” gets tossed around in WEB3 but this set  has many reoccuring examples of why these images represent an important step in my WEB3 path as well as they are the first three tokens minted on The Art of Jordan Inglee Smart Contract in December 2021

Captured on the same day, this series draws inspiration from the indigenous lore of the Nah-So-Mah Tribe of the southern Oregon Coast and tells the story of princess Ewuana, her dog Komax, and their unfortunate run-in with the dark spirit Seatka. 

1 Available: 'Howling Dog's Throne'
Total Sales: 3 Ξ
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